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DIY Art Show

(Launched April 2020)

An open-source activity born in the midst of the London lockdown with the aim to bring people together in a time of uncertainty. The original show happened in April 2020 and had an incredible positive impact on the streets morale. For the second event the instructions of how to do a DIY Art Show were shared and multiple streets around the world got involved on the same day. Images of previous events and instructions on how to host your own show can be viewed below. This is also available as a workshop for schools and groups/individuals who are interested. If you'd like more information on these do get in touch via the contact details on the info page.


1. Pick a date

2. Make DIY invites and posters and share with your neighbours or people you'd like to get involved.

3. Make some art!

4. Put the art in your front window, wall, garden or doorstep on your chosen date
5.  If you invited neighbours take a walk on the day to see your neighbours art

6.Take some photos of your show! Send them in and if sharing online tag #diyartshow

7. Post your street name below to be added to the DIY Art Show map

Example text to include on your invites and posters:

[Your road or neighbourhood name]


[Insert the date of your show]

"Join in by showing your art or craft in your front window, garden or wall"


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