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The Art Jar

(Launched 2020)

At the time of a pandemic, what is the future of art in the environment?

Launched in April 2020 by a group of 10 artists, 'The Art Jar' is an open-source activity that can be made at home and placed in a public place that is visited on a daily walk or exercise. Designed to bring individuals together through a shared experience and to spark discussion on participation through art and social environments. 

In collaboration with; Alla Rubitel, Andy Holmes, Elena Vittoria Bevilacqua, Yoel Ramis Infante, Motoi Takhashi, Saghar, Sarah Chang, Will Griffin and Sandy Lin. 


1. Find an empty jar (make sure it is clean and dry).


2. Create something out of natural or recycled materials.

3. Put what you have made into the jar.

6. Place the jar somewhere outdoors.

eg. park, street corner, bus stop, field, high street.

You can also include a note, if you want to.

7. Take a photo of your Art Jar in your chosen location

(Like the examples in the video above/photos on the right)

8. Either; stick around to see how others respond, be on your way and leave your Art Jar behind, take it back home with you or even go back the next day to see if it's still there. 

9. Share your experience in the box below and it will be added to The Art Jar map.



Great work!
Your art jar will be added to the map shortly

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